Impacted by the Government Shutdown? Get Earning Again as a Dolly Helper

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It’s been nearly a month since the U.S. government shut down, and if you’re one of hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers and government contractors, you know that means a month without pay. For many affected by the shutdown, the hunt for temporary jobs and side hustles has already begun. We’ve seen it here at Dolly: since the shutdown began, we’ve received a record number of applications to be Helpers and Hands.

If you’ve been affected by the shutdown, we want to do more for you. So starting today, if your job or income has been affected by the shutdown, we’re here to help. We’ve always offered payment upwards of $30/hr for Helpers and $15/hr for Hands, paid weekly directly to you. And now, for those affected by the shutdown, we’re offering fast-tracked applications, free background checks for applicants, and a $1,000 bonus to the furloughed worker who does the most Dollys as a Helper.*

Being a Dolly Helper or Hands

As a Helper, you’ll earn $15-30+ per hour simply by helping members of your community move. You choose the times you want to work and dictate the Dollys you want to do, giving you the freedom and flexibility your situation requires. If you have a truck, you can make over $30+ per hour as a Helper. For those without a truck, you can earn $15+ per hour by helping out with the heavy lifting as a Hands.

Ready to start earning again? Here’s how you can become a Helper:


2. If you own a truck, select the Helper application. If you don’t own a truck, select the Hands application.

3. Tell us that you’re a furloughed government worker in the application.

4. Check your email. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to move you through the process as quickly as possible!

Earn a $1,000 Bonus

On top of normal Helper pay, we’re offering a special incentive for those affected by the shutdown. The furloughed worker who completes the most Dollys as a Helper or Hands within 30 days of joining will earn a $1,000 bonus.*

Ready to start earning just by helping people in your community? Become a Helper or Hands now.

*Conditions: must select “furloughed government worker” when applying. Helper/Hands must have applied on or after 1/18/19. 30 day period measured between joining date and 3/15/19.

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