The Level-Dolly partnership: financial resources for Dolly’s Hands and Helpers

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At Dolly, we want our drivers—known as Helpers and Hands—to find ongoing success and grow their own businesses so that everyone wins. That’s why we work with Level in providing financing to help drivers grow their businesses. Level provides a seamless application process, with repayment terms connected to income expansion. Here’s a look at how and why the venture with Level benefits Dolly drivers.

The partnership

By design, Dolly allows Helpers and Hands to use their personal vehicles to get packages to customers. More deliveries ultimately lead to higher-paying jobs. Unfortunately, it also means expenses, such as wear and tear on a driver’s vehicle. Thanks to our partnership with Level, Helpers and Hands now have access to capital to help pay those costs, or to make new investments.  

Level offers fair, transparent, and quick financing. Drivers can apply for and access a Level Advance within 48 hours in just a few clicks. Loan terms are based on work history, while automated repayments are directly tied to how much Helpers and Hands earn. This means a worry-free and seamless repayment experience.

Why consider financing?

With Level, applying and receiving funding is a painless process that can be completed in under three minutes. Available funding levels range from $250 to $10,000.

Level Advances to Dolly Helpers and Hands average $2,100. Those receiving the funds definitely benefit; their average earnings increase by more than 16% within two months of accepting an offer. Hundreds of Helpers and Hands have succeeded in working for Dolly, thanks to funding from Level.

How to obtain financing

To qualify for a Level Advance, one must already work with Dolly and have demonstrated consistent earnings for at least three months. Level financing is only available to those who live, work, and earn income in the United States. 

To begin the application process, Helpers and Hands should visit the Level website and click the “Apply Now” button. Applicants must share and verify details, link business earnings, and explain how the financing will be used.

The linked business earnings and other information allow Level to determine credit worthiness, available funding amounts, and recommended terms. In addition to listing earnings through Dolly, Level applicants can also include other gig earnings from companies such as TaskRabbit, Uber Ears, DoorDash, and more. Although earnings with Dolly are the most important in Level’s decision-making process, any additional income could mean more flexible payment terms or increased financing amounts.

Funding decisions are usually made within two business days. Another advantage is that the process doesn’t affect credit scores. Eligibility for a Level Advance is primarily dependent on historical business earnings. In addition, qualifying for an advance doesn’t require a business license.

Upon approval, a driver can receive their Level Advance through the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) or PayPal. Dwolla, one of Level’s trusted business partners, provides secure ACH transactions. Like the application process, receiving Level Advances and making monthly payments are easy and a hassle-free experience.

Level Advances aren’t standard business loans requiring monthly minimum repayments with interest. Instead, Level Advance monthly repayments are based on a percentage of business earnings, along with a service fee. There’s no situation in which Helpers or Hands are required to fully repay the advance amounts before reapplying for additional funding. Each new request requires a new application. 

About Dolly

Launched in 2014, Dolly was created to re-imagine big and bulky item moving and delivery experiences. In doing so, our company has always been committed to building a more affordable, convenient, customer-oriented, on-demand service for retailers and our customers.

With Dolly, retailers and other companies can provide last-minute deliveries on a customer’s schedule using local service providers. Using Dolly, no job is too complex, with our gig workers offering contactless, on-demand, or scheduled deliveries and services.

Dolly provides last-minute deliveries for companies big and small, including Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Big Lots!, Costco, The Container Store, Purple, and many more.

Additionally, we offer competitive wages with tips, flexible scheduling, and daily job opportunities to our Helpers and Hands.

With help from our Level partnership, Dolly offers an important perk to Helpers and Hands, providing the opportunity to help them grow and succeed with their business. For more information on Dolly’s financial partnership with Level and to apply for financing, Helpers and Hands can visit the Level website. In addition, interested Helpers and Hands should visit the Dolly website for more job information.

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