The Moves We Made: Dolly’s 2017 in Review

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“Our Mission: to create freedom of choice, of time, from worry.”

We painted these words on the wall at Dolly HQ in Seattle a few years ago – with such a lofty aim, putting words on a wall is the easy part, living them is the real challenge. That being said, 2017 was a big year for Dolly and our progress towards this mission. It may have been one year, but it feels like we’ve made the progress of five.

So what exactly has Dolly done this year? Here are just a few of the things we’ve accomplished in 2017 (with the help of our amazing team and customers, of course!):

Expanded to Three New Cities

We brought on-demand truck and muscle to Boston, Philadelphia, and Portland this year, adding 2 major east coast markets and building strength in our native pacific northwest. So far, we’ve moved everything from air conditioners in Philadelphia to ping pong tables in Boston to a clawfoot tub in Portland. Look out for many new cities and Dollys to come in 2018!

Provided Jobs to Thousands

Hundreds of new Helpers and Hands joined Dolly over the course of the year. We also launched a veteran recruitment program after our existing veteran Helpers told us how Dolly was the perfect avenue for them to stay in shape while continuing to serve their community. It’s been a year full of  motivational stories of Helpers using Dolly as a side hustle to help achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Developed New Partnerships

We’ve known all along that getting your new furniture home from the store is a pain. That’s why we worked to launch partnerships with more regional stores to take the hassle out of retail delivery: Art Van in Chicago, Goodwill in San Diego, and Costco in Seattle are all easier to get your purchases home from now that they’ve partnered with us.

Launched Many New Features

One pillar of our mission is to create freedom of time – and when we saw in our feedback from 2016 that getting a quote took too long, we decided to simplify it, and launched our quote tool that speeds up the quoting process. And to make things even easier for you, we redesigned our website for easier navigation and a clearer booking process. We also introduced our pricing calendar, which lets you see different prices available for each day of the week, making it easier for you to save money and easier for Helpers to schedule their jobs.

Surprised, Delighted, & Delivered

We’re already experts at making moving easy, but this year, we wanted to make moving fun. We planned a few surprises to say thank you to our customers. We surprised a handful of them with Molly Moon’s Ice Cream on National Ice Cream Day in Seattle. In August, we also sent tool kits to customers moving into new apartments to help them get set up quickly.

We also took the hassle out of some of your most frustrating moves by bringing home your Christmas tree, picking up and delivering your IKEA flat packs, and bringing air conditioners right to your home during the summer heat wave.

Grew our Dolly Team

To make all this possible, we needed to expand the Dolly team – we’ve nearly doubled since 2016! Our new team members not only made all these programs possible, but they made the Dolly experience smoother than ever. Now we just need to find a bigger table for our office kitchen (and have Dolly deliver it, of course!).

On behalf of the Dolly team, I want to say thank you to all of you: our customers, Helpers, Hands, Partners, and fans. It’s thanks to you that we’ve accomplished all this in 2017, and with your support, we’ll do even more in 2018.

Mike Howell
Co-Founder & CEO, Dolly


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