A Day in the Life of Casey Klaus, Dolly Office Manager & Admin Assistant

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In our Day in the Life series, we introduce you to a member of the Dolly team and give you a peek into what it’s like to work for Dolly. This month, we’re introducing you to Casey, our Office Manager and Administrative Assistant.

Name: Casey Klaus

Title: Office Manager and Administrative Assistant

How long have you been working at Dolly? 3 years, 2 months and 2 weeks (as of writing this)

What do you do here at Dolly? I run the office. I make sure everything is running smoothly, coffee and other supplies are in stock and pizza arrives in a timely manner on Pizza Fridays. I plan our office outings and monthly parties. I also assist our CEO, Mike, in managing his schedule, setting up meetings and working on random projects thrown my way by our Leadership Team.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Dolly? That each and every person here makes a difference and adds so much life to our little team!

Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share? I am a licensed Esthetician, waxing is my specialty.

Casey’s Day in the Life


My alarm goes off, I use one of those natural light alarms so as to keep a calm mind when waking… when that inevitably fails, I have a succession of alarms timed at 5 min intervals from 7am to 7:30 am. What can I say, I am not a morning person.  


I proceed to jump out of bed to get ready before I need to catch the bus.


I leave my apartment to catch the bus, it’s a couple blocks away which gives me time to listen to audiobooks on my commute. Right now I am listening to The Rook by Daniel O’Malley.


I arrive at the office and check my Slack for any “need to do ASAP” items. Once those are under control, I turn on the office music. It ranges widely by genre but my fave stations are throwbacks to the 7080’s and Rock/Alternative. Today it is Indie Pop. I then grab a cup of coffee and check my email for any other action items.


My days vary but I typically spend the morning hours organizing meetings, calendar invites and responding to emails. I review resumes for our open positions here at Dolly HQ, upload bills from our vendors for payment, work on random projects, answer the door and catch up with who ever stops by my desk. I get a lot of pop up requests throughout the day, I would say I am 95% pro at being interrupted and being able to hop back in to what I was doing. 


I break for lunch, I do my best to keep my lunches pretty light/healthy since dinner is where I pig out. I save some time to work on our office puzzle or browse Instagram and Reddit.


I spend 30 min post lunch cleaning up the office and restocking items.


I was asked to be a hand model for a quick Marketing project. Please send all fan mail to my PO Box. 


Weekly one on one with the CEO, Mike. This is a weekly check in on action items we need from each other, along with a bit of how everything is going in the office.


Did a quick phone interview for our open Customer Success Specialist position. The candidate did well, so time to pass them on to our next round of interviewers. (Insert Interview Meme)


I go grab some coffee because I have to send out Helper Shirts today. It wouldn’t be Starbucks without them almost getting your name right. 


Packaging and mailing about a hundred shirts to our Helpers who have completed their first Dolly. A special thanks to our Helper Recruiting Administrator Martin for helping me out and to all the Dolly Helpers and Hands who completed their first Dolly. It is always exciting to have a lot going out! 


Back to answering emails and scheduling items. In the afternoon I do a lot of brainstorming and research for future work parties and special projects.


I aim to get everything I need done by five so I can walk home. I take advantage of everyday with nice weather and walk the 4 miles from work. This may be my favorite part of the day because the people watching through downtown is at its prime and I take a scenic route through South Lake Union to enjoy the water. I decided to stop into Lady Yum today and grab a few macarons for the walk home. Sike! I ate them all before I left. 

Interested in joining the Dolly team? We’re hiring!

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