8 Stores Like IKEA for Affordable, Modern Furniture

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IKEA is a furniture favorite for many reasons: a huge selection, low prices, a fun showroom, and tasty treats at the end of your shopping excursion. But at a certain point–like when you notice that six of your friends all have the same Lack table in their living room–you might want to start shopping for furniture elsewhere. When you’re ready to move on from IKEA’s ubiquitous style, but want to keep with their low prices, there are plenty of modern furniture stores like IKEA to choose from. 

A quick furniture hunt elsewhere will prove that yes, IKEA is always going to be great, but some of these IKEA alternatives are just as fun:


Think of CB2 as Crate + Barrel’s younger, cooler, less expensive sibling–because that’s exactly what it is. While Crate + Barrel’s stock is geared towards the settling down, suburban crowd, CB2 is for the city dwellers, both in terms of style and design. Their collection is mostly modern with touches of bohemian and vintage inspiration, all for a price point far below Crate + Barrel. 

Cost Plus World Market

Known for low prices and frequent sales, World Market is a favorite of anyone looking to step up from IKEA. World Market’s style is a slight departure from Scandinavian modernism. Their bohemian-style furniture looks like it came from an Instagram influencer’s house instead of a warehouse of flat-packs. But they still offer plenty of basics, as well as statement pieces to upgrade any home.

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Pier 1

Bright and bold is the name of the game at Pier 1. Whereas your color options for most IKEA pieces might have been black, white, and brown, at Pier 1, their unique collection ranges on the bolder side of the color spectrum. They’re an excellent IKEA alternative for anyone looking to go in a bolder style direction while staying at a similar price point. 


You know Target, where you go in to buy a roll of toilet paper and walk out with $250 worth of products you didn’t know you needed. Well, now you can add furniture to the list of things you can buy there instead of what you actually went to Target to get. While they’ve always had a small furniture collection, Target’s selection has stepped up in recent years to full on IKEA alternative status. They now feature collaborations with major furniture designers, statement pieces, and household basics that go beyond average, all at Target’s killer prices. 


If you’re leaving IKEA because you’re tired of cookie-cutter furniture, Burrow is about to be your new favorite. Burrow’s selection of sofas, couches, ottomans, and armchairs are all built for you–specifically you. You can choose the size, the color, the material, the legs, where the chaise goes, how many seats it has…you get the picture. Burrow’s seating options are an affordable, high-quality alternative to any IKEA sofa. 

Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian Designs, like its name suggests, is mostly a store like IKEA in its design. Clean lines and simple patterns dominate their selection of furniture and housewares. While their prices are a step up from IKEA, their frequent sales and discounts make buying from them just as possible as buying from IKEA.

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Think of BluDot as the contemporary, high-end IKEA alternative–but a price point above IKEA. The prices at BluDot are more in the territory of West Elm, but their superior craftsmanship certainly makes buying there worthwhile. But if you’re hesitating because of the price, check out BluDot Outlet for further discounted modern furnishings. 

Room & Board

Like BluDot, Room & Board isn’t as cheap as IKEA, but if you’ve loved IKEA for the clean design, this is a natural next step. Many Room & Board customers live in cities, so you’ll find that much of their items are optimized for smaller spaces. Their bold colors and clean design offer a big impact.

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