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The Best Moving Resources to Follow on Facebook & Twitter

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Planning a move can take weeks, months, or even years. It’s something that most people don’t do very often, so it can be hard to know where to find eco-friendly packing materials, how to move your fish tank, or how to stage and decorate your home to get the highest price. Fortunately, there are some great moving resources that you can follow on Facebook and Twitter to help you on this journey. Here are some of our favorites.

The Best Moving Resources on Facebook & Twitter


SpareFoot is a national storage company that has a lot of great moving resources about packing, moving, and settling in to your new home. Not only do they cover the basics about finding great neighborhoods for families and offering pre-made checklists to organize your move, but this moving resource also has practical advice for after the move, such as how to corral kitchen clutter or handle nosy neighbors.

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Apartment List

If you’re moving to or if you live in an apartment, Apartment List is a great way to research the job market in the new city you’re relocating to, determine if you’re overpaying rent, and learn how to style your apartment to optimize the space. Many times moving resources focus on single family home owners, but this site is the perfect moving resource for the single professional or someone who loves to live in the big city.

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Whether you’re buying or selling your home, is full of genius moving resources. Of course there are tips on how to move on, but they also cover interesting topics that you should know as a homeowner (or hopeful future homeowner!) about the real estate industry. You’ll learn about when to submit a lowball offer on a house, tips for selling your home fast, and which home selling tips you should ignore. They also have the pulse on the real estate market and give timely updates as to if housing prices are going up or down, which cities in the U.S. are a hot market, and if it’s the time to buy a new or older home.

Keep up with’s tips on Facebook & Twitter. is associated with and offers a great, comprehensive overview on all things moving. They offer moving container rentals and have great insights on how to rent one and how the container moving process works. They also have useful, practical advice, like how to choose the right sized moving boxes, how to pack a kitchen, and how to avoid rental scams.

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Okay, so Houzz may not be an actual “moving resource,” but you have to stage your old home and decorate your new home, right? We’re obsessed with the vast array of unique and trendy style ideas that Houzz consistently showcases. You’ll find out about new decorating materials, how to reinvent what you have, and you can even shop Houzz for some cool light fixtures, rugs, and just about everything else you could ever want. Their recent pieces cover everything from the merits of engineered hardwood, front yard ideas for busy streets, and age-proofing your bathroom.

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Style at Home

We literally want to jump through the computer screen and live in this online world created by Style at Home. The goal of any move is to make a house into a home, and these tips and pictures are so inspiring that you can’t help but want to make your new home into a bright, cozy retreat. You’ll want to try every one of these practical, budget-friendly ideas, from making your cat feel at home without compromising style (cat tepee, anyone?), to picking out the right neutral paint to make your room fresh and airy (all white paint is not created equal!).

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We have to plug ourselves, right? Our team works constantly to find the best practical tips to help you on every step of your moving journey. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about everything from how to help your kids transition into a new home, how to clean outdoor furniture, and the best ways to pack up all the different rooms in your house. Bonus: we also regularly give away moving kits, home furnishings, and more!

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Even better, we don’t just tell you how to move, we help you move.  The dependable, helpful Dolly Helpers are ready to help with your move. We’ll even help you to help drop off items at a local charities or bring that new couch home from the store. Our team’s goal is to create freedom of choice, of time, and from worry – especially when you’re moving – so we strive to find the absolute best advice for you. Follow us on social media and book a Dolly today to make moving day a breeze!

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