How to Move Your Motor Scooter When it Stops Working

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If you’ve driven during a cold winter, you probably know the pain of your car getting so cold that it won’t start. Usually, you can find someone nearby with jumper cables and a running car engine that can help you out. But what do you do if it’s not your car that needs a jump, but your motor scooter? That’s the dilemma Johnny Gratton found himself in.

Let’s Get It Started (Or Not)

One of Johnny’s favorite things about summertime living in downtown Chicago is riding around on his motor scooter, which sits in his garage during the colder months. But this spring, his pavement-chasing dreams were squandered when he pulled his bike out and found that it wasn’t working.

“My scooter wouldn’t start due to the bike sitting over the winter, so I needed to find a way to transport the bike to the dealer.” Johnny knew of only one option, which sounded like a pain: “I didn’t want to rent a huge truck to transport the scooter, and I didn’t want to load and transport alone.”

He thought through the problem while riding the train – that’s where he learned that there was a better way.

Ready to Ride

“I was on the CTA blue line and there was an advertisement for Dolly. It was by chance when I read the advertisement, but I immediately logged into the site to read about it. I decided to book a Dolly.”

Shortly after, Johnny’s Helper Robert arrived with his pickup truck, ready to lift. “Robert was very professional and on-time. He assured me that my scooter was in good hands, and he was right.” Robert took Johnny’s scooter to the repair shop safely, and thankfully, the repair shop fixed it right away.

With his scooter now fixed, Johnny can ride around Chicago and enjoy the warm weather (while it lasts) – and he’ll use Dolly next time he needs something moved. “I’ve already recommended Dolly to my friends and family. I was completely satisfied and I will definitely use Dolly for all my future moves.”

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