6 Time Lapse Videos with Moving Tips You Need

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Watching someone move would be like watching paint dry. But you can learn a lot about what to do, and what not to do, from watching others. So, we pulled together a short-list of the most interesting, useful, and entertaining moving time lapse videos, each illustrating the chaos and complexity that we all face when packing and moving our stuff – and our lives. There’s something so satisfying about seeing it all come together.

At Dolly, we don’t have superpowers to help you move at quite this speedbut we’re still pretty darn fast. We’ve designed our service to free you up from the stress of moving – giving you back valuable time to focus on other things in your life – you know….like planning housewarming parties. Just download the app, get a quick guaranteed quote, and choose a few times you’d like to get your stuff from A to B. Our friendly Helpers and Helpers will take care of the rest. 

Packing Up an Entire House over Two Months

Packing Up a Kitchen

Moving Mom into a New Apartment

Moving out of a House


Loading a 20-Foot Moving Truck

Moving to College

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