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10 Festive & Functional Christmas Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

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The holidays have arrived, and whether you live in a massive mansion or a small studio, it’s time to deck the halls. It’s a challenge to decorate perfectly in any space, but Christmas decorations for small spaces can be an even larger hurdle. Lack of space shouldn’t stop you, but it may force you to scale back your grand ambitions.

If you’re ready to tackle Christmas decorations in a small space, here are some great Christmas decoration ideas to start you off.

Go Mini for Maximum Impact

Can’t give up all the trimmings of Christmas? Opt for mini versions of your Christmas favorites to make an impact that’s anything but small. Try a 2’ artificial Christmas tree with mini baubles, or hang mini stockings from the side of your TV. Even mini wreaths on your bedroom and bathroom doors can say a lot without requiring much storage or space.

Make Use of Your (Limited) Outdoor Space

Even if your apartment’s so-called “balcony” is really just a foot of space outside your window, it can be the perfect place to decorate with plenty of holiday magic. Wrap the balcony in string lights, or drape its edge with icicle lights for a classic look. If you’ve got a bit more space on the balcony, consider putting your Christmas tree out there, lights and all, to spread holiday joy to your entire neighborhood.

Optimize for Long-Term Space by Buying Fresh

A real Christmas tree may be less tidy, but for the eleven months of the year where you aren’t in the Christmas mood, you’ll be thankful for it. Small apartments are tight on space, and an artificial tree, even one that’s just 4’, takes up valuable storage in your closets. A real tree, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be stored–and the same goes for wreaths and garland, too.

Want a fresh tree, but not sure how to get it home (and up the stairs of your four-story walkup)? Order a Christmas tree through Dolly. For a flat price of $75, we’ll get the tree you want and deliver it straight to your studio, balcony, or just your living room.

A Little Tinsel & Garland Go a Long Way

A full-fledged Christmas tree isn’t for everyone, and in small homes, it can take up valuable space. But even if you’re skipping the tree, keep the trimmings. Twist tinsel around garland or string lights and hang around your space for a big Christmas vibe without the overwhelming size of a full tree.

Hang Ornaments, Sans Tree

For those opting for a small tree or no tree at all, you may find yourself missing sentimental tree ornaments that you’d normally hang on your boisterous tree. Instead of keeping those ornaments stuck in a box, find other places to hang them, like on doorknobs, hanging light fixtures, or the handles of your kitchen cabinets. For bonus Christmas look, add a strand of tinsel or garland, and you’ll find little pockets of Christmas have popped up all over your apartment.

Swap Out Your Everyday Decor Items for Christmas Editions

Your tablecloth, pillowcases, blankets, even coasters can all make way for their Christmas counterparts in the holiday season. Linens are fairly easy to store and don’t take up much space–in storage, or when they’re on display in your apartment.

Use Your Windows as a Winter Canvas

No matter how tiny your space is, you most definitely have a window. Treat it as a Christmas canvas: frost it, decorate it, and adorn it with lights. Throw up some old-school cut-out snowflakes, frost the panes, and line it with Christmas lights. If all that decor isn’t your thing, hang ornaments or a mini-wreath from the window closure.

White String Lights Are Your Decorating BFF

Transform that plain wall in your apartment with just a few strands of white string lights and a few hooks. Any boring wall is a perfect candidate. Add a few hooks (removable ones if you’re a renter) equal distance apart at the top of the wall, then drape the lights over them, letting the lights fall to the floor, then loop them back up to the next hook. It’s a simple task with a huge effect–and requires less than a shoebox worth of storage space come January.

Give Gifts Purpose–Before They’re Opened

You’re going to have to wrap gifts, and why not incentivize yourself to wrap them early by using them as decor? Invest in some stylish wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows, and use them to wrap up gifts and place them in an aesthetically pleasing way around your apartment (or under your tree, if you have one).

If you’re less a gift-giver, wrap other things in your apartment for good measure. A red velvet bow on your front door has a big impact, as do ribbons on your kitchen cabinets.

Turn Chairs into Statement Decor

Chairs are often brushed off as functional rather than fashionable, but in a small space, they can make a big impact if dressed up. Wrap them with velvet ribbon, add tinsel or garland, and dangle an ornament below the bow for a seasonal look that doesn’t interfere with the chair’s functionality.

Even in the tiniest spaces, holiday spirit can bloom in your decor. And if you need a hand getting in the holiday spirit, book a Dolly. We can bring home a Christmas tree for you, bring home the extra decor from your storage unit, and even help deliver those oversized Christmas gifts. Your home might be small on space, but that doesn’t mean you’re small on options for decorating, or for bringing home your tree.

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